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Mental Health Bot Camp

Mental Health Boot Camp™ is an 8 week, intensive, experiential life coaching program designed to empower and educate people to live their best lives. The program has a proven track record of helping people achieve and better define their life goals and develop an action plan to achieve those goals.  Program components involve a self-directed format that utilizes technology to produce program goals and milestones.  This program is innovative in that it recreates the intensity of a seminar or weekend retreat, yet allows for the longevity of a workbook to ensure lessons learned are lessons kept. The program is designed for everyday people, using technology and direct contact with a professional.

Mental Health Boot Camp ™
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The Right Time, The Right Price

In today’s busy and tough economic times, you are expected to do more with less.  How do you make that work?  Most people would love to meet regularly with an experienced and knowledgeable therapist that can help them produce results in their lives, but commonly struggle with two basic beliefs that blocks them:

  1. I don’t have time to meet with a therapist regularly, or as often as I would need to help me get more from my life.
  2. Therapy is expensive and there is no way I can afford it.


Mental Health Boot Camp is designed just for you.  The program fits easily into your busy schedule, guiding you through daily writing exercises that typically take no more than a half hour.  These daily exercises can be simply completed from the comfort of your own home, or on a break at work.  Each day, you Mental Health Boot Camp coach will put/his experience and knowledge to work for you, reading, reviewing, and analyzing your work to ensure that you are getting the best from the program, and maximizing your time, money, and potential. 

Here is a breakdown of how Mental Health Boot Camp compares to traditional psychotherapy:

½ hour per day for five days per week for 8 weeks for an experienced and knowledgeable Mental Health Boot Camp coach to read, review, analyze your work and provide feedback if necessary

.5 hours x 5 days x 8 weeks @ $120 per hour = $2,400

Up to four one-on-one feedback sessions with your Mental Health Boot Camp Coach to assess your progress, provide guidance, and help you get the best from the program and maximize your potential

4 x 120 per hour = $480

Total cost of all services = $2880

Actual Mental Health Boot Camp fee
at a special price for the next 10 participants = $500

Total savings to you = $2,380

Once this special offer expires, the regular program price is $1500

Mental Health Boot Camp
Right Time, Right Price, New You!


Mental Health Boot Camp changed my life! Before starting the program I was very depressed and often thought about suicide. Now my life is completely different. I’m going to school, I’m working, and I’m even in a great relationship. S.A. – Orlando, FL

Mental Health Boot Camp has been great for me because it helped me become more focused for my business and concentrate on what I need to do for its success. M.L. – Orlando, FL

All my life I’ve struggled with my own thoughts. Dr. Dave’s program showed me how to change the way I think. I’m so much better! A.N. – Orlando, FL

Mental Health Boot Camp has helped me to become more confident in myself and realize that I can achieve success! J.L. – Orlando, FL

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